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The Natural Tea Co. 然茶
The Natural Tea Co. 然茶
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All tea comes from the Species: Camellia sineses

All tea comes from the Species:
Camellia sineses

Tea is divided into six major tea groups.

Different processing methods lead to different levels of oxidation and fermentation, hence different types of tea.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls 茉莉龍珠

Green Tea


Processing Method: Pick > Fix > Roll > Dry

Flavor Profile: Fresh, slightly grassy and astringent, toasted, nutty notes

Yunnan Moonlight White 雲南月光白

White Tea

 5 – 10% Oxidized

Processing Method: Pick > Withering > Heat Dry

Flavor Profile: Light, elegant, slightly nutty, floral, fruit sweetness


Yellow Tea

Processing Method: Pick >  Fix > Yellowing > Roll > Dry

Flavor Profile: Pure, lingering sweetness

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) 大紅袍

Oolong Tea

Semi-oxidized, 15 – 85%

Processing Method: Pick > Wither > Bruise & Oxidize > Fix > Roll > Heat dry > (Roast)

Flavor Profile: Freshness, floral notes, nuttiness, sweetness and fruitiness, toasted & roasted notes

Yunnan Gushu Sundried Red 雲南古樹曬紅

Black Tea

90 – 95% Oxidized

Processing Method: Pick > Wither > Roll & Oxidize > Heat dry

Flavor Profile: Robust, malty, sweet, dried fruit notes., comforting aroma

Classic Earthy Ripe Puerh 經典雲南熟普洱

Dark Tea

Fully Oxidized

Processing Method: Pick > Fix > Roll  > Pilling > Aging (Fermentation)

Flavor Profile: Rich earthy taste, clean and fresh

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